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I took a short animation course last year at MUDDUM Art Space ( Short Art courses are held there though out the year. My fashion teacher did some work there and she found out about my animation. So she's been wanting to see it.

We made five short animation clips using clay, charcoal, food, pixelation and finally random objects. The basic principle is 'for every short/slight movement take a picture'. The main essentials are a camera, a room/space, raw materials and computer programs. Each workshop ran in the same order:
Step 1. Ideas -think of a story/script
Step 2. Work on the background, props etc.
Step 3. Act out the story, for each movement take a photograph - less pictures for a fast motion, more pictures for a slow one. Take into consideration the motion of the subject.
Step 4. Computer work - compile the photographs, edit them on photoshop and make the video. We used adobe premiere - arranged the pictures with time, added a title, music/sound effects, credits etc. 
The faster the pictures are flashed, the more it looks like an inanimate object is animate.

Clay Animation
Childish - Starts with a baby hatching from an egg. The baby then passes through some obstacles to get to the breast.

Sweet Dreams - about a girl's dream of the world being developed and then destroyed.

Green Ballet - fruits and vegetables play around before they are eaten. The main motif was supposed to be food but we also added in some pixelation.

Eating Disorders - Just a regular meal and then some strange creatures show up.

The final video clip featuring objects isn't on youtube and unfortunately I cannot seem to upload my copy of it onto the blog. 
Since the workshop I have made my own animation with the little resources I have. Animation is fun, just that it takes time, patience and I still need to learn more on motion. I really don't know how things move?! 


  1. very nice art work. I very apreciate it. Don't forget 2 visit n follow my blog too at, thx

  2. Thank you for liking my work. I'm following your blog - I like inspirational writing.


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