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A Touch of Paint

Water Lilies
When I first started painting I was trying to find my style - as I still I am. In the late 90's while searching through Encarta Encyclopedia I came accross the painting 'Sunday Afternoon on the Island La Grande jatte' by Georges Seurat. He used the technique of pointillisim and I fell in love with it. 

I came up with my first pointillisim painting of doves on a four piece puzzle using simple shape outlines and basic colour. Way later on, Christmas 2006 using the same technique I painted 'Water Lilies'.
Which I gave away and later redid in a minature version in 2008:

Still under the same theme of water lilies, December 2006 I came up with this one:

Rabbits, Fruit + Roses

'Yellow Rabbits' which I started working on in December 2009... still incomplete. Just that at the time I was also preoccupied with my other two paintings done on Christmas Eve 2009, 'The Fruit Pyramid' a still life work and 'Roses':

Well, 2009 is gone and 2010 i…