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Africa Night

Fashion Show showcasing African fashion at Kotva Shopping Mall in Prague. This fashion fundraising event was sponsored by citizens of the republic of Guinea. Great environment, great music, great clothes...

The Theater

25 - 27 May 2010, during Prague Shakespeare Festival was the Romeo and Juliet Play at Vyšehard Open Air Theater. I got a chance to help out with costumes and fitting during the performance. The costumes were made by my fashion teacher and her daughter (who also acted in the play as a Capulet). My fashion teacher's husband was Juliet's father.

This was the first time I have ever helped out with costumes for a theater production. It was also the first time I ever watched Romeo and Juliet. Never even read the story only knew the basic idea and have always known those lines: 'Romeo o Romeo where for art thou Romeo?'  and 'Juliet is the East..' The play was lovely.

All in All, theater is incredible, its magical.


I took a short animation course last year at MUDDUM Art Space ( Short Art courses are held there though out the year. My fashion teacher did some work there and she found out about my animation. So she's been wanting to see it.
We made five short animation clips using clay, charcoal, food, pixelation and finally random objects. The basic principle is 'for every short/slight movement take a picture'. The main essentials are a camera, a room/space, raw materials and computer programs. Each workshop ran in the same order: Step 1. Ideas -think of a story/script Step 2. Work on the background, props etc. Step 3. Act out the story, for each movement take a photograph - less pictures for a fast motion, more pictures for a slow one. Take into consideration the motion of the subject. Step 4. Computer work - compile the photographs, edit them on photoshop and make the video. We used adobe premiere - arranged the pictures with time, added a title…

A Touch of Paint

Water Lilies
When I first started painting I was trying to find my style - as I still I am. In the late 90's while searching through Encarta Encyclopedia I came accross the painting 'Sunday Afternoon on the Island La Grande jatte' by Georges Seurat. He used the technique of pointillisim and I fell in love with it. 

I came up with my first pointillisim painting of doves on a four piece puzzle using simple shape outlines and basic colour. Way later on, Christmas 2006 using the same technique I painted 'Water Lilies'.
Which I gave away and later redid in a minature version in 2008:

Still under the same theme of water lilies, December 2006 I came up with this one:

Rabbits, Fruit + Roses

'Yellow Rabbits' which I started working on in December 2009... still incomplete. Just that at the time I was also preoccupied with my other two paintings done on Christmas Eve 2009, 'The Fruit Pyramid' a still life work and 'Roses':

Well, 2009 is gone and 2010 i…