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An Introduction

When I was in the fourth grade my class teacher asked us to write a composition about 'What you want to be when grow up?' Most of my classmates wrote about one job, I on the other hand wrote about five or so. Perhaps that's why I love Leonardo da Vinci.
Now that I'm kind of grown up, some of my dreams have changed like becoming an Archeologist is no longer happening. However, I did manage to become some of those things like next year as soon as I graduate I will be officially a Scientist in Public Health Sciences, I have managed to publish a poem or two and get awarded as a script writer, as an Actress well I may not become a Hollywood superstar but I get play an extra once in while and that's enough for me. This blog however, is about my other passion in Art. I'm into painting, drawing, animation, designing and photography. Art has always taken second place in my life, just a hobby. Now, I would like to get a little more out there. Feel free to comment on any …